3D Scanner


EinScan H

Object sizefrom 100 mm
Scanning accuracyup to 0,25 mm

EinScan H captures the entire geometry of objects with fine details.
The high accuracy of the scanned data of up to 0.05 mm and a volumetric accuracy of 0.1 mm/m improve the 3D modelling precision.
Mobile scanner for medium-sized to large objects. Even suitable for scanning people.

EinScan Pro HD

Object sizefrom 35 mm to 350 mmfrom 50 mm
Scanning accuracyup to 0,045 mm
on tripod with turntable
0,2 mm

EinScan Pro HD can scan a wide variety of objects with dark, black or glossy metal surfaces. This extends the variety of scannable materials and provides a high accuracy for high quality 3D modelling.

Transcan C

Object size20 to 150 mmup to 250 mm
Scanning accuracy0,035 mm0,05 mm

Transcan C is a professional 3D scanner that can capture extraordinarily detailed and accurate scans of objects of small to medium size for a variety of sectors. The scanning process happens entirely automatically and contactlessly with the turntable.